Introducing Mark Watman

With Mark on board, you won’t be ignored.

Mark Watman is your prime candidate for the at large seat for Buncombe County School Board. With 40+ years of experience Mark knows and can identify the real issues with a ready made plan for the action needed for a better Buncombe County School system.

There are 5 basic responsibilities of a school board member of which Mark has a mind for:
1. Set the visions and goals for the county schools.
2. Adopt policies that give the school board direction to set priorities and achieve said goals.
3. Adopt and oversee the school budget.
4. Hire and evaluate the superintendent.
5. Ensure that the county schools are responsive to the values, beliefs and priorities of our various communities.


Increase the number of counselors and social workers. Recruit Teach for American students. Addition of local community musicians to enhance the music program. Hire a grant writer to seek out sources of new funds.


A multi-grade class in each elementary and intermediate school for students who have fallen behind or are ahead of their classmates. Assess the current school calendar with one that will catch our students up as a result of falling behind from the remote learning process.


Education, not indoctrination Buncombe teacher generated curriculum K-12.

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